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[ solitaire ] The game of Solitaire   Solitaire is a board game that you play on your own, with no need for an   opponent. The aim of the game is to remove all the pegs but one from the   board, ideally landing your final peg in the centre hole.   You can only move a peg if it is horizontally or vertically next to another   peg. You then jump the first peg over the one next to it; the peg that was   jumped will then be removed from the board. The peg with which you jump has   to land in an empty hole. Note also that you cannot jump diagonally.   For example, if you have a peg in C3 and C4, and no peg in C5, you can tell   the board 'C3' and the peg will jump automatically from C3 to C5, removing   the peg in C4 from the board. If the peg in C3 can move to two or more other   possible holes (eg, A3, C1, and/or E3), you will need to specify to which of   them you want to move it, eg 'C3 C5'.   If you reach a point where you can no longer move any of your pegs,   and you have more than one peg left on the board, the game is over   and you have lost. You will then need to start over and try again.   You only win if you have just one peg left on the board. For a perfect   game, that peg should be in the centre hole.   There are seven versions of Solitaire that you can play, and to choose one,   tell the board 'setup <version>', where the versions are: classic, arrow,   orb, x, hourglass, ring and diamond. Without a version specified, the game   will be set to the default of 'classic'. To see a list of these without   needing to refer to this help, tell the board 'setup help'.   See also: BINDINGS, CROSSES, DRAUGHTS, GAMES, KALAH, MASTERMIND,             OTHELLO, SUDOKU

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