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[ spells magic ] SPELLS   There are many different spells available, though not all alignments   can use all spells. After Novice, you get new spells at each level   and it is also possible to find special spells around the world.   The spell names are written in spellbooks, on scrolls or other items   that might be nearby in plain sight, or hidden in a dark corner of   the world. You will discover spells when solving quests and/or   exploring the world. Once you know a spell, it can be used like   all other commands, but in a fight, spells that do damage, can be   used without an argument and then it will be used on the one you are   fighting with at the moment.   KEEP YOUR SPELLS TO YOURSELF!   Perhaps you will be the first one to discover some long lost spell deep   down in the darkness below some ruins of an ancient civilisation.   YOU AND ONLY YOU will know that spell. It will give you an edge in battle   and make your enemies fear you. Do not tell anyone else about it!   To cast a spell you require spell points. One way in which you will get   spell points is through spell regen. There are other ways as well, but   these you must figure out for yourself! Hint: one of the ways requires   that you prove your worth to your God.   See also: FIGHTING, GRIMOIRE, SCORE, SKILLS, STATISTICS

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