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[ sudoku ] The game of Sudoku   Sudoku is a solitaire game played on a board that has a grid of   9x9 sqaures. The grid is further divided into 3x3 boxes. To complete   the Sudoku board, each row, column and box has be filled in with the   numbers 1 to 9, where those numbers occur only once in each row, column   or box.   To play Sudoku you need a Sudoku board. You can then either write   "play board", or use 'tell' to give the board your instructions.   While playing, RESET or SETUP will clear the board and start a new game.   BOARD <n> will start board number n (where n is from 1 to 1000).   REDO will restart the current board.   TRY can be used to mark all the further numbers in such a way that RETRY   or CLEAR can clear them. FIX will make them permanent.   Use QUIT or STOP to stop playing (this if you used 'play board' to play).     To put a number in a location, simply write <column><row><number>.   To clear that location, use <column><row>.   See also: BINDINGS, CROSSES, DRAUGHTS, GAMES, KALAH, MASTERMIND,             OTHELLO, SOLITAIRE

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