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[ titles ] TITLES   A player's title is dependent on a number of things, the two most important   being age and level, but rank and alignment can also feature.   At different intervals while you age, your title will change to reflect   that you have become older. Should you for some reason wish to keep your   age a secret, it is possible to toggle this off.   When you receive a quest in order to rise to the next level, your title   will change to show that you are an apprentice to that level. When you   have completed the quest and have gained your new level, your title will   change once again.   Your title can also be affected by how much of the world you have   discovered, in combination with how much money you have in the bank.   This will not happen until you have explored at least half of the world   and have quite a lot of money. When you meet the requirements, a rank   will be bestowed upon you, visible in your title. If you should wish to   keep your rank secret, you can choose to toggle it off.   Those who are aligned will also have their alignment show in their title,   unless they choose to toggle it off. It will show in the form of a variety   of different words, dependent also on level and in some cases gender.   Only Veterans and Wizards may choose their own titles.   See also: AGES, ALIGNMENTS, EXPLORERS, HIDEAGE, HIDEALIGNMENT, HIDERANK,             LEGENDS, LEVELS, MONEY, QUESTING, RANK, SCORE, WHO

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