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[ toggle ]   TOGGLE [setting]     Toggle [setting] switches the setting between on and off.   Toggle by itself shows a list of the settings that can be changed.   The option 'Invis and hidden colours' allows you to change your colour   choice for non-visible on the who list or when you look in a room. Toggled   off, there is no distinction in colour between invisible, hidden or visible.   Toggled on, those who are invisible or hidden will appear in a different   colour to those who are visible. See "help colours" for more details on how   to set those colours.   When 'Invis and hidden colours' is toggled on, you can also make use of the   'Partial' option. When 'Partial' is toggled off, the whole line for the   invisible or hidden person will appear in the colour you choose, but when   'Partial' is toggled on, only the '[invisible]' or '[hidden]' part appears   in the colour you have chosen for it.   The option 'Complete item colouring' is only of use if you have set items   in your inventory to show up in colour. When 'Complete item colouring' is   toggled on, you will not only get the name of the item in colour, but also   any other information relating to that object, ie, whether it is wielded,   worn, gripped, glowing, etc. For example, if you are wielding a sword you   will see "sword<wielded>" in colour, and not just "sword".   When "Long names in inventory" is toggled on, the inventory command will be   set to show the full names of items in your inventory as the default, and   not just the short names. For example, instead of just "cloak", it will show   "a grey cloak".   The option "Split colours", when toggled on, will allow multiple colours   on spoken messages (ie, one for the speaker, one for the spoken message).   When toggled off, the whole message will be in the colour chosen for   spoken messages.   The option "Mail echo", when toggled on, will show you a copy of your   mails when you send them.   When the option "Newbie" is toggled on, this will give you messages in   certain places or at certain times that are intended as additional aid   for new players. Not all messages sent to newbies will be seen by all   players who have this option toggled on, as some of the messages are also   level based.   If for roleplaying reasons you wish to hide some of the information in   your title, you can do so by toggling on "hideage", "hidealignment"   and/or "hiderank".   You can change the default hasbeenon format by toggling "hasbeenon".   See also: AUTOEXITS, BRIEF, COLOURS, COMPACTSTYLE, ECHO, HIDEAGE,             HIDEALIGNMENT, HIDECODE, HIDERANK, INVENTORY, SENTMAIL,

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