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[ browse turn ] BROWSE, TURN <book> [<page-nr>]   Use this command to turn to the next page in books.   If <page-nr> is supplied, you turn to the specified   page number.

[ return more ] RETURN (not a command)   When reading helpfiles, noteboards, etc, you may get a [RETURN]   prompt if the file is longer than your screenheight.   When in [RETURN] mode:     pressing your RETURN-key gives you the rest of the text.     FIND - search for a specific text.     REPEAT - repeat the currently shown text.     TAIL - show the end of the text     @cmd - makes the "cmd" command happen without discarding the rest           of the text.   Any other command discards the rest of the text.   See also: NOTE, NEWS, FIND, SETHEIGHT, TAIL

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