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[ who ] WHO [arguments]   Gives a list of players logged on that you can see, along with other   information, chosen by flags (see "help whoverbose" for the list of   flags available). It is also possible to customise your whoverbose,   by toggling those flags on or off with the whoverbose command.   Each argument is separated by a space. For each argument the following   rule set is used.   Arguments can begin with the following characters:     "+"  - This uses all the whoverbose flags, overriding your customised             whoverbose selection.     "-"  - With this, you can select exactly which flags you want to use             on that particular occasion. Your customised whoverbose flags             will not be used at all and only the flags you choose will be             used. This should not be combined with any other arguments,             except player names (see below).     "/"  - This will show the selected flags, in addition to those from             your customised whoverbose.     "\"  - This will show your customised whoverbose, except for the             selected flags given. It can also be used with "who +" (see             above).   [Combining "/" and/or "\" arguments with "-" arguments is possible, but   usually not necessary. If combining these, be sure to put your "-"   arguments first, so that they do not override your other arguments.]   If the argument does not begin with one of the above characters, it is   assumed to be a player name, or an abbreviation thereof. If it matches   anyone logged on, only that player will be shown. If no match is found,   all players logged in that you can see will be shown.   Examples:       Show only Scrap using the settings from your customised whoverbose:       "who scrap" (or "who scr" etc..)       Show only Scrap and MiJak and only their titles and visibility       status, regardless of your customised whoverbose:       "who -tv mijak scrap"       Show your customised whoverbose, but remove titles (t) and me (m)       (this assumes that you have those two settings toggled on in       whoverbose):       "who \tm"       Show all possible settings for Scrap and AdA, overriding your       customised whoverbose, but do not show titles (t) and footer (f):       "who + \tf scrap ada"   See also: WHOVERBOSE, LAST

[ whoverbose ] WHOVERBOSE [arguments]   Without argument, this shows your current whoverbose settings.   With argument, this toggles on or off the selected flags.   Arguments:         +      - enable settings         -      - disable settings         m      - show myself as well         t      - show title         f      - show footer         v      - show visibility status   If you give whoverboses without a preceding '+' or '-', the given   whoverboses will be toggled on/off depending on their current values.   See also: WHO

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