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The Creation of DUMII and its History

In the beginning, there was nothing but the Void, swirling around as a strange grey mist, sometimes there, sometimes not. From out of this Void, the God AdA appeared, taking strands of the grey matter and moulding it with His Being to create a world of the four natural elements. He then breathed into His world, and a lifeforce of magic swept through the air, causing explosions of fire and cascades of water over the dark rocky land. Strange beings began to form, some grotesque in appearance, others of deadly beauty. All served their creator, AdA, and multiplied to honour Him. The God was pleased with His work, and named it DUM.
But, as time passed, a strange murmuring began within the threads of AdA's creation, and a strange light emerged from the darkness. It took shape, and manifested itself in the form of a new God, who called Himself MiJak. From the moment of His appearance, it became apparent that the two Gods were inherently different, and were in fact opposites. AdA's essence was what could best be described as Evil, embracing a sense of chaos and darkness, both beautiful and frightening. MiJak epitomised something more in line with what could be called Good, seeking a peaceful, loving world that would live in harmony and light.
MiJak's first action, upon emerging into AdA's dark creation, was to use His might to create seven suns and a moon, which He cast into the sky above the world, plunging it into constant light. AdA was not impressed, and thus began the battle of the Gods, the battle between Good and Evil, with both Gods set on gaining dominance in this new world for Their respective beliefs. AdA created forests of darkness, underground caverns and dangerous monsters that would serve and worship Him. MiJak in turn created creatures of gentle disposition and plants that bloomed with soft flowers that flourished in the warmth of His suns. Both warred against each other by creating flora and fauna that would epitomise the essence of Themselves. The world swung from one extreme to the other, and slowly began to unravel, threads of it returning to the Void around it. The Gods, too absorbed in Their war, failed to see that They were destroying all that They had created, and it might have even ceased to exist, if it had not been for the introduction of a new Being into the world.
From within the chaos and havoc, yet another God emerged, created by the powers unleashed as the world began to unravel. This God soon made Himself known by His mere presence that sought to calm and control the extreme behaviour of the other two Gods. He gathered to Him the loose threads of the world, and began to weave them together, creating a sense of Balance through DUM. His powers allowed neither God to gain dominance over the other, and caused all Their creations to fall into steady natural rhythms of life and death. Reset was the name of this new God, and He established Himself by introducing Balance, and by enabling the world to recreate when the natural cycles of life and death came to a standstill.
AdA and MiJak were annoyed by the intrusion of this new God, one that seemed to think that He could control all that the previous two had created and formed. But they remained suspicious of each other, and were not prepared to team up to route out the new threat. And so, after a period of time, the three Gods settled into a triangle of power, with AdA trying to regain complete control over His world by submerging it in Evil, MiJak using the powers of His suns to spread Goodness through the world, and Reset maintaining Balance and a sense of Neutrality by absorbing excess Evil and Goodness into Himself, and releasing it back into the natural rhythms of the new world.
And thus was the world created, and the three Gods came to co-exist and co-govern it. As aeons passed, other beings came to the world, magically materialising within its Centre and setting off to explore it. The Gods were curious of these small beings that lacked any discernible powers, and found it of interest to try to win them over. Each found some that were willing to worship and follow Him, and from within the ranks of these new people, the Gods created Priesthoods, consisting of those that were particularly devout to the beliefs of their respective Gods. The Gods also rewarded these new people with extra powers when they brought items within the world to Them, and gave them quests to test their abilities and endurance. Many new people heard of this new world, and found their way into it, flocking to one or another God, and enjoying the adventures that the world offered. The Gods were content with the way their world was turning out, and renamed it to DUMII, as a sign that it had developed into something more than what it was in the beginning.
And so, the world of DUMII settled down into a rough balance between Good and Evil, sometimes swaying from one to the other, but mostly being kept under Neutral control by Reset. Within time, AdA and MiJak saw the sense in having a world that was not in constant war between the two extremes; that a world largely balanced would sustain itself, and not unravel back into the Void. As for Reset, He erected a statue of Himself within the Centre of the World, something the other two Gods thought was rather vain, but which they chose to ignore. By praying to this statue, the people could cause the world, when certain conditions were met, to recreate.
Thus did it continue for numerous centuries, until one day, when the Gods were paying scant attention to the world, a new being emerged, thrusting off the balance held by Reset, and destroying the statue. Reset was furious, but AdA and MiJak were merely amused, thinking it apt justice for Reset's presumption and vanity, and did nothing against this new being. But then it became apparent that the creature was not one like other adventurers, prone to exist in the way of the world. Instead, it sought to tear asunder the threads of all that AdA and MiJak had wrought, showing no interest in either Good or Evil. This new beast of Chaos grew quickly in power, and soon the very existence of the world was endangered. The Gods' followers were crying out in fear and frustration as the world dwindled and became like nothing, and the Gods too were concerned that DUMII would unravel and once again become a part of the Void. And thus, for the first time in history, They teamed up, and with the might of Their combined powers, They captured the chaos beast, imprisoning it within magical chains within a tall pillar, placed in the centre of the world. As punishment for its actions, the beast was forced into eternal suffering and torment, its penance being to forever slave against its natural inclination for destruction. The Gods used the sheer might of Their minds to shatter the beast's will, and to enforce Their own will upon it instead. The beast's powers, merged with the Gods', were now used as a catalyst for recreations, and replaced the function of Reset's old statue.
And thus it is today. The three Gods live in relative balance, for They see the benefits of ensuring the continued existence of the world They abide in. AdA continues to strive for an Evil dominated world, just as MiJak aims for a Good one, but never to the extremes of when the world began. And Reset maintains Balance over all, ensuring that neither the force of Evil, nor the force of Good ever becomes too strong, and endeavours to fulfil His goal of complete Neutrality.