When I woke up I was lying in some white dust in the middle of a large pit, my head was aching but I could not remember why, and I did not recognise the place. After some seconds I discovered the handprints in blood on the walls, all the trails of blood covering the surroundings and the half-buried skeletons spending the end of their existance in the white dust.
It took me a while to realise that the dust I was lying in was from pulverised skeletons and at the same moment I also noticed that the skeletons were deformed in every possible and impossible way... Arms and legs tied together, arms broken at several places and crushed heads...
At the top of the walls creatures begun to gather as they saw that I had awoken, They were throwing stones at me while laughing and their number increased with their laughters. There were hundreds of them up there when they suddenly stopped throwing rocks and became quiet. I looked around in time to see a huge creature materialise out of thin air. It was some sort of mix bewtween many different animals, some recognisable, some not. A murmur went through the crowd as the creature turned its head towards me. I was completely stunned as I saw my father's grinning face on the creature. After some seconds it begun running towards me and as I thus recalled what my father had done to me I went berserk.

I do not have any memories of what happened next. I know I fought the creature and that I probably killed him since I am still alive.

The months or years which followed upon this event I was hanging upside down on a wall in some dark room without water or food togather with other prisoners. If we would ever move, an imp stepped out from a shadow, poking us hard with a long stick. The wounds and bruises I got of the stick was not the worst thing though, but the fact that all the time in there I could feel how my soul was ripped from my body. I have never felt such pain, neither before nor after.

One day when I woke up I realised that I was looking at my body from outside of it. Suddenly I heard a sharp sound from a shadow and turned towards it, in time to see how the shadow reached out for me. I tried to protect myself with my hands just to learn that they were transparent. And I could hear mself screaming as the shadow became one with me...
It took me hours to realise that this was reality and not one of the many nightmares which haunted me from the first time I got there, nightmares which still haunt me. I looked around me, trying to find something to focus my hate and anger at as the pain grew too intense and I lost grip of the surroundings as well as of time.