It felt as if someone stabbed me in my eyes with a knife when I opened my eyes again. The light was extremly bright and it took me hours before I managed to open my eyes sufficiently to see what I had around me. I had no memories of what had happened to me earlier or what I was. As I heard sime noises from behind I turned around to see what it was: A small animal with a white fur. My first impulse was to kill it, and so I did.
I enjoyed the feeling when I broke its neck and I felt pleasure as its blood streamed over my hands. Killing brought me such joy that I continued performing the acts of stealing lives for some months until I met the first human since Chaos. After releasing also him from the powers of life I took his clothes and a dirk he had.
Later I met more humans, and realised that it was much more fun not to kill everyone but to wait for a good moment and then backstab them when they didnt expect me to. Thus, I became an assassin for the mere fun of it.

Many years later I realised that I could gain strength by pleasing the cruel god AdA. Pleasing AdA and killing humans to such amount that they hardly dared to leave their homes became my favourite doing for many years. With time my assassinations became easier as I learned the wielding of magic. The magic helped me to get closer to my victims without them noticing my presence. After that, only one creature has managed to take me with surprise, namely the puny MiJak. I was made blind for the first time ever by him, and deprived of my sight I could not avoid his attacks. Again, I returned to take my revenge and at this time, he did not have any chance at all. I was by far quicker than he was and outmanoeuvered him with my magic and since he had so limited trails of thinking I could sneak up on him over and over again.

Not long time after that AdA discovered me and my doings and made me immortal. As an immortal I could sneak up on anyone, and almost noone was secure when I was around. After many years as immortal I accidently met a demon lord, and my memory suddenly returned. I remembered all my years of pain caused by a demon and I rushed straight at him and devastated his body totally with my dirk, all while screaming in rage.

I spent my following years exploring the powers of chaos since all demons come from chaos and I believed I could hurt them more if I understood their powers. After years of exploring I developed a technique to controle the powers of chaos and became a sorcerer of chaos.
The first thing I did as a master of chaos was to identify the very demon who had turned me into the shadowbeing I still am. Once I found him I ripped his heart out and placed it where he can never reach it. While I was still in that mood I shackled him in my home. And there... I can watch him twist in agony as he is slowly boiling over the flames of hell.