Modesty - Princess of Sunshine

This page is dedicated to .... (you know and that is the only one who needs to know :-))

The world is full with mighty glimmering sunshine enscribing the power
and beauty coming from the sun giving life to everything in it's way.

Modesty appears in the sunshine when it comes down to the ground. She climbs off
 a sunbeam and is now fully visible for you.

Modesty smiles happily :-)

    Hello! I am Modesty :-)

    Take a look at me! :-) Modesty admires herself.

She's young and beautiful and glimmering sunshine is floating from her hair. 
You realise that where Modesty is the sunshine will also be shining from all 
the seven suns.

    It all started a looong time, in another universe, the Dear
    MiJak showed me the light and invited me to be one of his followers in the
    world to come. I was a young and unexperienced adventurer at the time,
    but with time, my Power grow. One day though, a horrible thing happened,
    and the rold went under. I had reached up to Mage at the time.
         However, a new world was born out of the remaiin of the old one
    and I started adventuring again, with my heart full of love to MiJak
    and I become the second Good Wizard in the new and fresh world (third
    overall). It was a busy periond, since the people of Sunshine
    named me their Princess a honour I graciously accepted. Sunshine
    is a lovely land where the sun is always shining, be it day or night.
    Its situated in a valley with the entrance from a mountain portal
    and ends at a small lake which is connceted with a river.

    There have been many battles between Good and Evil and there can
    be written books about that, but I will spare you that. I could tell you
    stories from the days when I was MiJak's Representative in the World
    as Hihg-Priestess. It was a tough time standing up against the Evil deeds
    planned by the Evil, whom at the time were outnumbering us. With time,
    the world got a little bit more peaceful and nice for all it's
    living beings. It's still a world where everything can happen, though.

    As person, I am genreally tring to give love and peace to the World,
    however I do have limits which the Evils sometimes pass and then I won't
    let it pass freely. May MiJak be with you!

    I hope you have enjoyed this brief history of me and my time
    in the wonderful DUM. Time to go back to the Real World.