Nisbon the

The tale of the shapeshifter

In the days when the times where hard two young humans walked the earth, Ihneá and Chin-Graal. The two met and found each other very pleasing. Ihneá, daughter of the queen Idrona, had lived here life to protect the weak ones and show how to be a real Good. When the queen was to hear that here only child and Chin-Graal had started to see each other she was most unpleased.

Idrona was a gentle leader of her servants and known as a very good queen but earlier in the history the grandfather of Chin-Graal had challenged Idronas husband Maltos in a Struggle of the land.. There were many evil people who took advantage of the poor and split up leadership of the land. Therefore the fight, that was a religions battle between two great leaders, was the only solution on the big problems that ravage the land. The great struggle ended up in that both Chin-Graals grandfather and Maltos himself got killed by each others swords. Because of that Maltos survived longer than his opponent, he deserved to rule the land. But Maltos died after just some days and he left Idrona as a sorrowful widow and queen, with all the land from east to west and north to south she was left to rule. But all the land that she had control over did not seem to make Idrona happy, not until the day when she realized that she was carrying a child, Maltos and hers child. Ihneá was born and the happiness returned to Idronas heart.

It was understandable that Idrona was displeased with Ihneá and Chin-Graals romance. But the queen was very upset and in a haste she banned Chin-Graal from the land, this should prove to be her biggest mistake. It resulted in that one night, some 16 years after Maltos death, Ihneá and Chin-Graal ran away and was never to be seen in the land of Idrona again. Ihneá and Chin-Graal took a long journey to the land of Isteltor. The young lovers settled down in a calm area of the land and was to raise own children.

But the happiness of Ihneá and Chin-Graal was not to last. The emperor of Isteltor, Lord Monter of Chastral, had heard that the queen of Idrona had lost her child and that Ihneá herself lived in his land now. Lord Monter believed that this was all a trick just to invade some more land to queen Idrona. The emperor therefore sent out some troops to arrest Ihneá and Chin-Graal. Somehow the troops was given wrong orders and the mistake was deadly, both Ihneá and Chin-Graal was slayed and the only survivor was the young boy who carried the name Nisbon.

Nisbon was to live on his own from now on.

When the news of the mistake with Ihneá and Chin-Graal reached Lord Monter he got scared, very scared. The last thing he needed was a war at that time so he took Nisbon and let his best magicians work on a staff. The staff was given to Nisbon and when he accepted the gift, unknowing of who he had to deal with, he was dragged into a whirling vortex. Nisbon had travel through time and space and unable to return he opened hid eyes in DUMII.

Merely sixteen years and with a staff in his hand he started to explore the world that he had so brutally been placed in. He increased his powers with a tremendous speed and one day he was told that he was to choose side. His best friend, Talor, was following MiJak and Nisbon felt the goodness in his heart. But under all these years Nisbons grandmother, Idrona, had finally located him. He was to far away to travel even for a mighty queen as Idrona so she had to send him a message in his dream.

The night before Nisbon was to visit Telesto - the high priestess of MiJak for his alignment, Idrona sent her dream forth to Nisbon. He dreamt about all the things that had happened with his parents and he was also told of his gifts in the art of shapeshifting. The hate filled Nisbons heart and the first thing he did the next morning was to visit Gorlaes and claimed to be a follower of AdA. Gorlaes was very pleased with having Nisbon in his parish and he told him to prove his evil will to the AdA the creator. Nisbon accepted the quest and started to explore the world with his evil eyes.

In heaven Ihneá and Chin-Graal was to see there own son follow the path of AdA and they were sad, so sad that MiJak had mercy for them. MiJak gained power and gave Ihneá here life back for a brief moment. There was Nisbon thinking of evil deeds when suddenly here own Mother appeared in front of him. She had a warm smile but yet a sad look upon her face. She walked toward Nisbon and whispered something in his hear, gave him a sweet kiss and then vanished. MiJak had called her back to the heavenly domains.

Now Nisbon was in a dilemma. He had searched for the trust of AdA and now realized that it was so wrong. His Mother had told him what goodness he could do with all his powers and then she exclaimed her love for him as she disappeared. Nisbon choose side for his last time. He talked to Lord Connor and he was forgiving, he let Nisbon join the parish of MiJak. You can imagine that the wrath of AdA was great when the news reached him, he sent out Gorlaes to state an example. Gorlaes and Nisbon got into a wild discussion as Gorlaes slowly raised his hand and with just one blast of magic he placed Nisbon at the cemetery.

A lesson well learned and with the scars still remaining to this day Nisbon went on with his life. He continued the exploring and he started to bring many items to MiJak joy. But one day, to MiJaks great sadness, Nisbon made a terrible mistake. He dumped the holy symbol for the good parish.

Nisbon was cursed and the wrath of his God was raised upon him.

Long nights and alot of thinking took over Nisbons life for a while. After many years Nisbon met a great wizard named Otis. Otis gave him a mission to prove his worth for the good parish. Nisbon went into the quest with great dedication. He did so good that they one day, in a noble act, prayed to MiJak for forgiveness. Nisbon was forgiven.

The life went on and he enjoyed every second of it. Nisbon was known to be a helpful fellow and so he was, until the day came when he met a huge goblin named Ghroth. Ghroth somehow got something against Nisbon and they became enemies to death. Even to this day just saying the name of this evil goblin would make Nisbon upset. He is known to be forgiving but on this particular issue he is hard as a rock, one more step from Ghroth and he will pay.

As Nisbon grew he noticed that he possessed powers beyond everyone else. It was his grandmother Idronas blood that flowed in his body. He realized his call and started to study in the ancient history of shapeshifters. He learned more and more and he soon became the only one alive that was able, not only to be a shapeshifter, but to claim the position as a crafter of shapeshifting. That means that he can use his powers in ways that few non-gods can. But there was one thing between Nisbon and his finally discovery of the whole art of shapeshifting. He was getting old, real old and he started to realize that his days may be over.

The Good God MiJak got to hear the story about Nisbons achievements in his skills and he also know that he was starting to get a bit old. Therefore MiJak decided to give him a proposition, he had deserved the chance to be an immortal. MiJak told him what to do to become one and after seventeen years Nisbon accomplished the mission. Nisbon was given the title Shapeshifter as he started to serve directly under the great MiJak...

...and so he is to this day.

The end