Serena was born on an island once known as Tauretolke. This island was a realm guarded by a goddess named Iarwyn and the inhabitants lived according to the rules she had once given her people, and the interpretations made by her priestesses.

Iarwyn was a goddess of fertility and joy, earth and sadness. Her church was once a simple one, easily described with the words 'enjoy yourself', but as times changed, the church changed with it. This changing can in much be related to the fact that Tauretolke was an utterly isolated island, a result of a struggle between Iarwyn and the other gods of DUMII; AdA, MiJak and Reset, who did not approve of the existance of Iarwyn. Thus, they had reached a compromise being that no living beings shall ever leave the island, and a wall of waves was created around it in the stormes of the Dragon Sea. In much, the changes was a matter if augmented dicipline, where the High Priestess of Iarwyn was the final judge and interpretor of the will of the goddess. The society became a strictly ranked one, though still casual and free, as long as the rules were obeyed. The priestesses were the immediate servants of Iarwyn and they were skilled in the arts of herblore, dancing and music, used for various reasons. Below them in the hierarchy was the ordinary men and women, parted in two camps, cooperating in a way accepted by and understood by all. They lived their lives completely separated, performing different tasks and living in different ways, and they met only when questions of religius art needed to be answered, when trading was made and at a feast in the middle of Earthseason, where all rules separating men and women was dispelled, and dancing, music and joy of all kinds ruled the night.

One summer, a man and a woman fell in love. This was, at the rare occasions it appeared, often the beginning of a tragedy. These two begun meeting each other at other times than the allowed, hiding their love carefully. At the time being, the High Priestess was a woman of the old school, who believed in the joyful life Iarwyn had once predicted for her people, a life of complete freedom. With the powers she had, the Priestess soon noticed what was happening between the two, but she kept quiet, only expressing her thoughts about it to the woman in silence. The two kept their love, though fearing for their lives, they feared more to lose the feelings they chared.

On Tauretolke, all children were born in early Waterseason. Once, a child was brought to the realm of Iarwyn under the burning leaves of Fireseason. A child of love. What had happened was obvious, but the mother of the child mentioned in no way who was the father and as the High Priestess did not interfer in this matter, the women among which she lived let the question rest. The child, a daughter, was given the name Serena by her mother, a name born in the mind of the bearer of the child as she watched the face of the newborn the first time and was struck by the serene expression of her daughter. Serena was brought up among the women as any other child, being half a year younger than the other girls she was trained with. She was as skilled as any other child, but it was soon clear that she would be chosen among those who would be honoured with the life as priestess. This was, however, something of which the child was told nothing until the day she voluntarily applied for the task as apprentice.

As all other inhabitants of the island, she knew her mother but not her father. Being the natural course of action on Tauretolke, she never questioned this. However, she could not avoid noticing that she was different for the very obvious reason of the time of her birth. Probably impossible to avoid, she was also someewhat differently cared for by the female society who did in a way see her as an outlaw, though they naturally did not show it openly. An itching feeling of loneliness, of oddity, of difference hunted the child through her life in that society, despite her seemingly not noticing or caring of any such.

When Serena had reached the age of four, she saw her father for the first and last time in her life. Once more than most inhabitants of Tauretolke. It was a cold night and a full moon caressed the snowclad island with her soft light. Lying awake, unable to sleep, the child noticed how the deer hide in front of the living quarters of the High Priestess was moved, and a woman left the house dressed in a heavy darkblue robe of wool. Curious as she was, the young girl rose from her bed, careful not to disturb the others sleeping in the same room, and silently dressed before running after the woman. Crystals of snow fell from the trees as the two moved onwards, into the forests, and clear sounds of rustling appeared, as those of falling leaves during Fireseason. After a while in the cold landscape of Windseason, accompanied only by the moon, the priestess held her pace and stopped in a small clearing. Serena silently hid behind a tree, watching the actions of her revered High Priestess. A moment thereafter, her parents emerged from the shadows, their hands united, and they approached the priestess until they stood in front of her. Minutes may have passed her, as well as hours. A ceremony of marriage was performed by the priestess, a ceremony forbidden by the official laws of Tauretolke, and as Serena saw the blended blood of her parents fall onto the snow, colouring the white with their life, changes appared within her, changes which would follow her through life. Changes which improved her life as she knew it.
Her mother did never return to the society after that. Neither did her father. Later in life, Serena met her mother once while training the skill of hunting, and learned that they lived together, alone, in a hidden part of the island, well hidden from the society.

At Earthseason the year Serena reached the age of seven, she applied to become a priestess and was taken into apprenticehood. The first years in the realm of the priestesses her life consisted mostly of household tasks and doing whatever the priestesses demanded. Later, she got more and more important tasks to handle, though yet without proper knowledge on what she did, and always on the order of a priestess. During this time. She almost never saw the High Priestess.

At the age of eleven the seven girls of her age who had passed the tests of the first years was parted in three groups, where they would be trained in one of the particular skills of priestesshood. Serena was chosen to learn the secrets of herblore accompanied by a girl named Renyama.
The first year of training a vow of silence was given and the two girls was given a room of their own where they would be able to rest. Despite their not being able to speak to each other, Serena and Renyama became very close friends during this time. As the perceptive young lady Serena had become, she soon noticed that there was a difference in the way the priestesses acted towards her and Renyama, a difference which had nothing to do with Serena's heritage. They simply revered Renyama in an odd way, making Serena suspect there was something special planned for her friend. Renyama, however, noticed nothing of this.

The night when their vow of silence would expire, became a night of future sadness for that special girl. As usual, the feast of Earthseason took part and at night, when all children below the age of thirteen was sent home, Renyama remained for a while. Remained on account of a pair of eyes she had met gazing through the fires roaring through the night. And love was born again on Tauretolke... However, this time, the girl in question was not just anyone and her actions would not be as easily forgiven. She tried to keep her relationship secret. She failed.
One night in Windseason four priestesses came to the two girls and ordered them to prepared the four for some unknown ceremony. Once this was done, the women took their longbows, the holy weapon of Iarwyn, and left. Some hours later they returned, giving four arrows to Renyama, four arrows stained with blood, and ordered her to clean them as appropriate. And so she did, showing no signs of knowing what had happened and yet, she must have known.
Serena followed the traces of the priestesses into the forest to feed her curiosity with the knowledge of what they had done. And there, lying in his own frozen blood, the not yet cold body of Renyama's love lay twisted in an abnormal pose. Dead. A death inflicted upon him by the love of the wrong girl and four blessed arrows. As Serena returned home, she said nothing of the occurred to her friend and neither did Renyama. The chosen one never left for secret meetings again.

And questions arose in the mind of the Fireseason born.

Three years later, the education reached its end. By this time, Serena knew everything there could ever be to know about herbs and their usage and she had also been fully taught in the secrets of ceremonies of the church as well as the place of herbs within those ceremonies. At midearthseason the girls were released from their previous vows given at the beginning of apprenticehood and they were given complete freedom to spend the following six months as they wished, before they were obliged to return to the church.

Serena spent these months in the forests, contemplating the knowledge she had been given by her teachers as well as the knowledge she had gathered herself, laying a puzzle of truths. She also spent much of her time in the presence of animals, creatures she loved far more than humans and the likes of humans, and merely enjoying her loneliness among the cherished trees.
She returned at the time demanded and after having given some final answers, she was initiated as a priestess of Iarwyn in a sacred ritual of which nothing shall be told to others.

Her first time as priestess was calm and she performed the tasks given to her by Iarwyn through her High Priestess and the elders with every skill there ever was. After a few months she met the High Priestess alone for the first time in her life. In the discussion which occurred during this meeting Serena learnt that her questioning their way of living on certain points bothered some of the others somewhat too much. Had it not been for the High Priestess having been the one she was, the one who married Serena's parents in that night so long ago, the one who believed in Iarwyn and not the present rules, she would have ordered the exclusion of Serena from the society. Now, that would not happen, but instead a compromise was made. With the aid of the High Priestess and the powers of Iarwyn, the waves of the sea around the island would be calmed sufficiently to ensure the passing of Serena's, and thus allow her to keep her powers as priestess and yet content the society. As Serena had felt this coming, she agreed to the terms, even with the fear that she would never see her home again.
Now, they had only to await a moment when the power needed could be gathered. Earthseason passed, and fireseason begun. One day, the suns were shining bright and the first leaves bugun falling from the trees of Tauretolke and the High Priestess came to Serena, telling her the time had come for her to part from her life on the island. They went to a cliff close to the sea on the northern part of the island and with the powers of three women, an opening was created in the waves and the young priestess passed through it with the magic of Iarwyn.

Thus, Serena found herself in the cold waves of the Dragon Sea. Alone, lacking most of her powers as she was no longer within the realm of Iarwyn's and with no equipment except a small charm of horn, enchanted by Iarwyn herself through the hands of her High Priestess.
And yet, Serena was amused. She knew little of the world she was about to discover and her adventurous mind found that most fascinating. Could not be that bad, could it?
The knowledge she had about the world beyond the waves was mostly that of the gods who had held her people prisoners on the island, knowledge she had been given during the training to priestesshood. And as she swum through the waves, heading for unknown shores, she thought about those gods, trying to imagine what kind of realm she was now about to enter.
Hours passed, and the young woman was grateful of her powers of will which gace her strength as her body failed as moments. After a while, she begun enjoying swimming through the dark water, diving, playing, amusing herself...

And land was sighted.

She had passed an island or two on the way, but none had seemed worthy to spend much time on. This however,was land. Not merely an island, but a continent.
A beach stretched out in fromt of her and beyond it forests lay and the heart of Serena leaped of joy as she saw the trees. A new home.

Whith drying salt and a charm of horn as her only clothing she rose from the sea and entered the forests to rest before continuing her new adventure.

Resting under the strong boughs of the trees she thought of the ancient tales again. The gods. According to the words she knew, these trees were crafted by AdA, the Creator. At the thought of that god she smiled, remembering another tale of Tauretolke concerning him, a tale told by women dark nights when amusement was called upon.
Now, Serena was born and trained to serve her church. As she had left Iarwyn behind she felt she needed a new god to devote her powers to. The choice... Was an easy one... And freedom was the determinant.
With the conviction of ages of training and thinking, Serena became a minion of AdA's, a post she came to appreciate more and more as times passed, knowing she had made the right choice.
Iarwyn... Passed to the memories of Serena as a tutor and heroine who had prepared her for this task, serving the Evil Creator.

While Serena was still young she met another minion of AdA's who intruiged her mind with his seemingly foolish actions. The name of the young man was Juzam and with time, the two became lovers. Their relationship lasted for many years and through many long sessions together in trees and houses of DUMII.
One day however, during one of their meetings in Elventrees, Juzam, at this time immortal, created a first crack in their love as his axe became the bane of Serena and she met death for the first time. With the grace of God she was brought back to life but her love had been seriously damaged and when trying to heal that love, insanity entered the stage of Serena's. Insanity in the shape of another male.

He did not do much, this insane one, but he came to arise the interest of Serena at a perfectly chosen moment. They came to speak.
He was arrogant, thought much of himself and cared little for others. He was quick in tongue and mind. He was the bearer of a beauty of elves and a hate of life, immortal as he was. He was an insane male elf. He was... A challenge...
And she could not very well let him win, could she?

As for Juzam, she stayed in their relationship after having forgiven him somewhat (he claimed his killing her was all a mistake) but their love was never the same again. And then, there was that elf.
Serena learnt to know love during this time. She spent more hours with the elf and found herself wanting that male, not only to conquer him and forget him but to gain his love and life. For eternity.

With the aid of a servant of the lesser god Reset, Serena did at this time forge a charm of crystal within which a lock of her hair was enclosed and charged it with her love for the elf after which she gave it to the elf. And it was with joy she saw him wear it.

One morning the suns shone upon the forests as usual and the mist of dew rose from the ground as it was heatened by day. This morning was not different from most of the other days of DUMII and the animals of the forests was as vivid as ever, birds singing, deers slowly moving in the clearings, eating the fresh grass, rabbits peeking up through holes... In a low tree the body of a young woman rested, breathing slowly as she dreamt through the beginning of day, carefully hidden from the rays of the suns under the leafage of the tree. Soft were the leaves upon which she slept and secure were the branches which held her calmly above ground.
Then... A blast of thunder echoed through the lands of DUMII from an epicentrum in the Dragon Sea and awoke the yound woman. Fear was the message of the day, fear held the body of the young one, fear she had never felt before. Fear, that what she felt was true, that her people had been killed, erased, by some power greater than any she had ever felt so closely before. And she screamed... For the first time disturbing the calmness of forests, for the first time upheaving her voice thus, she screamed with loss before falling into a heap of sadness...
In front of her closed eyes, images passed by... She felt the ground shudder within her as an immense glowing globe hit it... She felt the heat passing out across the island she once knew... She felt the trees burn, the animals scream, the people cry... Her body was caught in moving pictures of pain as her history was erased and she could see it all happen, see it, feel it, as though she was there... And yet, she felt it so much closer than any other did on the island as she did not die from this mental pain. She could but watch and know from within her, while it was all happening beyond her reach, beyond her possibilities to aid or merely die with all the rest.
The day continued, and as the ray of suns begun reaching to the body of the young woman through the leaves the mind inhabiting the mortal shell grew older with an accelerated speed as she learnt to know fear and sorrow as never before. Experience...
Watching the nightmare from afar the newborn woman finally saw it being terminated. The fires caused by the blazing globe were calmed, the heat brought down from heaven slowly disappeared. And over the land a mist of ashes was created, ashes of the many burned lives which had ended this day of horror. One day Tauretolke met fear, and one day Tauretolke was extincted. The fast hand of the teachers had taught the island well, mayhaps too quick however, as there was never anything left of its inhabitants to prove it had learned...
And the mist grew thicker as the ground cooled, forming itself to a grey cloud, thick as blood and dead as ashes... After a while, the cloud rose above the island revealing the remnants of the burnings. Nothing. Nothing but scorched stone was left. A monument of devastation. A reminder of death. A wish of oblivion.
Through the island a rift had been cut by the energy liberated as the globe hit the ground and in the nothern part of this very cleft the sphere lay, still glowing, still emitting its devastating heat. As its red light rose towards the sky, it was reflected by the heavy cloud of dead memories above, reflected back to the black stone of the naked island, adorning the rocks with tears of blood.
And finally, calmness was once again spread through the body of the young woman, the sole survivor to her knowledge, as a thin black dust lay its protecting cover over the island. Rest.

Time... Continued. Serena guarded the knowledge of the fate of Tauretolke within her, to be told only the day she was once certain that what she had witnessed in mind was the truth, and not merely a vivid nightmare. Only one was told about her fears, only one she felt she could trust. The elf, naturally...

Ah, the bliss of breaking the love of others!
Through many a difficult discussion Serena realised that she was to break up with Juzam despite her still caring much for him, as her heart had been stolen by the insane one. And through a mist of tears, the once loving couple of Juzam and Serena was terminated.

The challenge never ended. Her life with the elf, as it turned out, was filled with jumps between utter happiness and utter sadness as he seemed to do his best to fight her love. However, Serena had made a decision, and she was not to break it...

Apart from these actions she strived to serve AdA with the best of her abilities in other means as well. She gained power and wisdom and learned about the world through watching and listening. Goals were brought into her mind, ideas and wishes concerning the Church of the One Master which was sadly deteriorating despite the great powers it had. Serena thought... Thought about how she would enhance His Glory in the very best ways she could.

Feeling as secure in life as she thought she would ever feel and with her new st rength given to her by AdA, Serena finally decided to seek her lost home and wit h it, truth. She carried a hope with her, a hope that the island would still be there as vivid as ever, but that hope was no greater than her wishes to leave he r beloved elf, thus nothing more than a thought formed by her mind with no meani ng whatsoever to her. Serena knew what she had felt, she knew power. If the wave s would lower themselves for her, she was convinced she would find nothing but w hat her mind had predicted.
Carried across the sea with the aid of a pair of demon's wings she sought the cl oud. And found it.
The waves were no longer as harsh, as there was nothing left to protect or prevent as the island and its inhabitants were lost in time, and Serena could easily enter the dead realm she had once known as Tauretolke, a vivid island under the government of Iarwyn. And as she stirred up the first cloud of black dust from the stony ground by putting her bare foot on it, she gave the new realm its name; Delduwath. A name it would keep... For eons...
Serena would stir up many clouds of dust around her feet this day as she took her first walk through the dead landscape. Here and there she would recognise the place, a memory brought to the surface of her mind, a nostalgic movement stirring the otherwise perfectly calm surface of a cold well. She found what remained of her beloved forests, now petrified and dead. She found the ground of the house of the High Priestess, saved partly by the powers of the goddess before also they gave in. She found her first physical memories of her parents...
For days she walked across the isle, searching, finding, imagining, dreaming, pondering... Having rested one night on the highest spot of the island, staring in to the ashes of the cloud above she determined that she was to build herself a new home there, build it with the best skill she could find, build it with the black remnants of the island. It was, after all, a nice light caressing the surroundings now.

The morning of her last day on Delduwath for this time Serena went to the shore of the island to think. Again... She went to a cliff close to the location where she had left Tauretolke such a long time ago. It may have been the very same cliff... Silently, she sat down, looking out over the sea and thought about her last few days and and pondered what place Delduwath would take in her future.

Suddenly, believing herself to be alone, Serena caught a movement in the corner of her eye. A red shadow touching her presence for a moment of eternity. Knowing her senses well enough to be certain she had not imagined it, Serena rose from her place to seek the origin of the red shape.
Climbing down through the cliffs, towards the raging waves of the sea, her feet was cut at several times, her blood joining the red pearls of light stroking the stone. Her clothing was also torn by the knives of angst, the sharp rocks slit from the ground in a time of pure horror. She continued, naturally, caring little of what happened to her here.
Half way down, she noticed a cavern opening among the rocks and climbed towards it. There, approaching the darkness behind the opening, she saw the first obvious sign of life: A path leading through the sharp cliffs towards the shore, the waves. A path well trod. By clawed feet on a scaled body...
Expectantly and carefully Serena entered the cave, barely daring to dream about what she might be encountering. The place was filled with mist, a thick, grey mass of water created by the cold winds of the sea blending with hot streams from somewhere beyond the cave. And among the caressing hands of the steam a magnificent creature lay, her head turned towards Serena, watching her with knowing eyes.
This... Was Serena's first meeting with a Red Dragon.
For some reason, the dragon had chosen to give Serena the honour of being trusted by her, and allowed the woman to enter her resting place, to feel some of her senses and history. The dragon never spoke, but used her fascinating abilities to forward thoughts and feelings to Serena by mind.
The woman knelt in front of the dragon, her hands resting open in front of her and a faint smile playing on her lips. A smile of reverence, of joy, of fascination... She could not speak here, words were not necessary. And she was at the court of a Dragon, where she could do nothing but feel honoured as she dreamingly watched the grand scaled body.
The name of the dragon was Mirwyan, she learnt. She had been on the island when the sphere hit it and the heat had struck also her body. Her wings. Had been burned to dust with the forests and Mirwyan had been caught on the isle. Far away from her kin, far away from her home. Nostalgia and sadness filled her cave, and she spent her days by the cave opening, dreaming, hoping, staring out across the sea. Looking. For her kin. Dreaming...
Serena spent the rest of her time on Delduwath with Mirwyan before she left again. For a while. The feeling which inhabited her mind and body after this meeting was special, and not of the kind Serena had ever thought she would feel. Love and reverence in a manners unknown to her until this time...
During this time, the breeding of dragons began on Delduwath and Serena built cradles for eggs, preparing to take care of what would come. She also got a new goal in life, the research concerning the origin of Draco.

Serena would come to return to the isle often for a while. She brought the most skilled workers she could find to Delduwath, to make her new dreams come true...
And when she was not on her island or serving her Master more directly, she spe nt her time with the elf, in the joy of loving.

Later in life she met another of her challenges, one who would turn out to be one of her greatest rivals as well as asset. His name was Gambit, a soulless man in the ranks of AdA, with a mind as stubborn as stone and an ego as large as AdA's power. Soon after their first meeting Gambit reached immortality as reward for his services to the Lord, and took the title Hell Knight.
With this knight, Serena had sime interesting discussions about the future of the Church of Evil, as he had aspirations to seek the post of High Priest for their parish and for some reason found it for good to ask her for advice. And Serena smiled amusedly, giving him what advice she found suitable, knowing he would fail.

At this time, Serena had been given a quest by her Master, a quest to kill a god. This would become the second time she met death.
With the quest she had been given, she had found but one solution; she would find the Creator Himself, AdA, and attempt tp kill him as He was the only god she recognized. And, despite previous prayers and preparing, she naturally died in the fight.
Seeing this as a sign from her Lord that He was testing her abilities and conviction she soom regained her powers and was given the same task once again. This time, she won.
Not really, of course, as she had only killed an avatar of AdA with the permission of her Master, but yet, she had passed the test.


Returning to Delduwath more permanently with the powers of Evil and Immortality which had been rewarded her by AdA, Serena made herself a home in the top of her not quite finished castle.
She now spent most of her hours in the labyrinth of the island or in her laboratory where she sought to find the origin of her red firebreathing friends.
There she pondered what actions she would commit now while she was trying to learn to know herself as immortal. Serena soon found she had some difficulties in charing her life between her love to the insane elf and her love to her God and His Church. Naturally, she tried her best for both but the Church soon became the primar goal.

Before she became more involved in the Church, Serena experienced yet another of her joyful moments with her beloved elf.
One day, as dimmed in red as every other day on Delduwath, the elf came to her in her crystal chamber and offered her a rose. Now, it was not unusual that he gave her such beautiful gifts. However, the following action was...
Kneeling in front of Serena, taking her completely by surprise and filling her with utter happiness, the elf asked for her hand in marriage. With the love she felt for him, with the joy he gave her by his mere presence, her answer was as natural as the forests she grew up in.
As simple as that.
His name, this male who gave her life such completeness was Gorlaes, named by family Iorweth.

Then, AdA. The church had not been taken care of properly by the present High Priest, known as Count Vlad, and Serena wanted it to change to enhance the Glory of her Master. With the blessing of her Lord, Serena soon became His High Priestess, after a certain amount of discussing with others of the Evil path.
And that is where she is today, giving her time and devotion to the Power of Evil, to make the realm of AdA's complete, to make the inhabitants of DUMII find their inner darkness and understand that AdA is their One and Only Master. To teach the Path of Evil, to give freedom.

Serena is a woman of sarcasm and irony. She is easily amused by the actions of males, these lower standing creatures who enriches her days. Her eyes, coloured like the fish of a deep forest lake, shimmers with glee, power and sarcasms most of the time, while with love at other moments.
Most usually dressed in a blood red dress created from the hide of a dragon, she strolls through the world with a faint smile on her lips.
Serena is very fond of forests, trees and their inhabitants, while she finds humans and their likes mostly despicable, yet amusing. Blood, mist and darkness are other sources of pleasure for this lady.
Sometimes, she is melanholic, thinking back at the times of Tauretolke, at her lost people, but those are not long moments. Serena has a patience taught to her by trees and knows very well what she is doing (except when dealing with her beoved elf who is still completely unpredictable).
She believes in AdA, patience, righteousness, love and long term effects...