A wizard seeking alternative means to ordinary magic

Ever since his early days, Tenderam had a great interest in the creation of substances with new and surprising properties. During his active days as an adventurer in the world of DUMII he had not enough time to create the alchemical miracles he later on were about to perform.

Upon the fullfillment of his training to become a wizard Tenderam sought an alternative way to create the destructiveness of the most fearsome magics wielded by the more violently inclined demiwizards in the world. Thus he concluded, would the seekers of stability have a simple method to dispose of less wanted individuals threatening to upset the precious balance of DUMII.

For a long time Tenderam searched in arcane tomes of knowledge until he felt ready to begin practical experimentation in the project.

For days he worked, mixing rare substances and heating the vats containing the ingredients he had found necessary in the concoction. Somewhere, something went terribly wrong. An enormous explosion annihilated Tenderams tower.

Being immortal Tenderam survived, but even immortals are not immune to damage.
The exploding chemicals tore off his left arm, incinerating it. Severly hurt Tenderam crawled out of the blazing inferno, where his few surviving servants huddled in fear. They helped their master to regain his strength but noone could regenerate the arm Tenderam had lost. Seeking a way to lessen the effect of his handicap Tenderam designed an arm of metal, enchanted with mighty magic and the multitude of parts crafted by the best smith in the entire world of DUMII. With the help of Grand Duke Mhoram he grafted the arm onto the remaining stump.

After this spectacular failure Tenderam resumed creating the alchemical potions he had designed earlier, abandoning the grandiose projects he earlier had begun. Seeking to further the fields of alchemy he founded a school where people could study this arduous scholary pursuit.

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