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                            Evil legends of DUMII
              Elvinia Aerith the Femme Fatale               (HP)
              Anthiam the Mischief Maker                        
              Arcile - Patriarch of the Night                   
              Argus the Warlock                             (HP)
              Armagoth the Plague Lord                          
              Azaghal the Veteran of the Scythe                 
              Baharath the Wizard                               
              Belladonna - Spawn of Chaos                       
              Bogrim the Nefarious                              
              Bore the Winter                                   
              Choton the Wizard                                 
              Crotalus Adamanteus                         (AWIZ)
              Denarion the Fallen                               
              Lord Djiin                                        
              Draudus - Bringer of Carnage                      
              Gambit the Hell Knight                      (AWIZ)
              Gorlaes Iorweth                             (AWIZ)
              Hidargos the Wizard                               
              Hokhma the Grey Seer                              
              Juzam the Devastator                              
              Kaladrin the Empress of Doom                (AWIZ)
              Kalate - Wraith of Misery                         
              Karan the Lich King                               
              Kardoc the Chaos Knight                     (AWIZ)
              Kerios the Wizard                                 
              Khazad the Wizard                                 
              Kitiara - Defender of Deception               (HP)
              Kresh - Lord of the Undead                        
              Lordak the Dark Paladin                           
              Metran the Dark Gnome                             
              Mimer - Head of Asgaard                       (HP)
              Mirea - Dark Queen of the Underworld              
              Mordinia the Wizard                               
              Morgana of the Great North                        
              Morr the Reaper of Souls                          
              Nystall - Keeper of hatred                        
              Odin Stormforge                                   
              Pathor - Overlord of Darkness                 (HP)
              Saga - Master of Darkness                     (HP)
              Schalim the ghost                                 
              Serena - Dark Temptress of Delduwath          (HP)
              Sharni - Chatelaine of Elyde                      
              Shivan - Primarch of Raah                         
              Sol the Wizard                                    
              Tazla the Harvester of Rage                       
              Temseti the Trainee Wizard                        
              Teradon the Veteran of the Scythe                 
              Theloth - Harbinger of Pain                       
              Todi the Veteran                                  
              Count Vlad                                    (HP)
              Wintermute the Winterlord                     (HP)
              Wroshnak the Wizard                               
              Xylon the Black Mage                              
              Zai'Shan - M'Drakk dar Taar                       
              Zendrac the Punisher                              
              Zimkar the Dark Elf                           (HP)
              Zordim - Child of Desolation