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                           Neutral legends of DUMII
              King Anciegher al'Enthraga of Alandria            
              Antler - Warden of the Forest                 (HP)
              Arny the Grandmaster of Flowers                   
              Atog the Wizard                                   
              Benutrion the Wizard                              
              Bosito the Visionary Mage                         
              Caegan the Experienced Veteran                    
              Chaeron the Experienced Veteran                   
              Cianara the Desert Warrior of Shelatia        (HP)
              Crysandia - Cleric of Reset                       
              Daryon the Veteran                                
              Dorsin the ghost                                  
              Electra - Mistress of Time                        
              Garthion the ghost                                
              Goodfit the Wizard                                
              Sir Grimtom of Alandria                           
              Hadei - Mistress of Indifference              (HP)
              Irrstern the Wizard                               
              Jolten the Wizard                                 
              Jonah the Stone Sentinel                          
              Lielupe the erratic                               
              Marg the Firelord                           (AWIZ)
              Mark - Eye of the Tempest                         
              Meridan the Vindicator                            
              Grand Duke Mhoram                             (HP)
              Mordiger - Forger of Fate                         
              Namroth - Beholder of the Rainbow                 
              Nero of Rendorion                                 
              Ophidion - Conjurer of Souls                      
              Osidarta - Master of Music                        
              Partel Greystone                                  
              Patrelaid the Joker                               
              Rob the Wizard                                    
              Rorthron the Wise                             (HP)
              Sahriel the Veteran                               
              Sentinel of the Scales                        (HP)
              Shadwell the Weaver of Dreams               (AWIZ)
              Sonya - Lady of Havenshorn                        
              Soth - Lord of the Shadows                        
              Takaia the Wizard                                 
              Tenderam the Grand alchemist                      
              Thenese the Mistress of Nature                    
              Lord Thorgal                                      
              Thriss the Seasoned Veteran                       
              Torpedo - Chief Justice of Gregoria               
              Traxis Gromhire - Paladin of Fire                 
              Duke Voki of Gaarht                               
              Wildbrain the Wizard                              
              The Demon Xanth                                   
              Xendar the Trainee Wizard                         
              Zio the Veteran                                   
              Zoca the Bard