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                          Unaligned legends of DUMII
              Ahruman Agravian                                  
              Annael the Veteran                                
              Athol - Elder Monk of the Monastery               
              Delizy the Master Thief                           
              Lord Draaz                                        
              Dragnor the Dreadful Brigand                      
              Exile the Stormwarden                         (HP)
              Feyd the Elven Prophet                            
              Galadril the Wizard                               
              Gorlox the Wizard                                 
              Isahn the Ice Mage                                
              Juchter Baark                                     
              Kharn the Raging Nomad of Elendar                 
              Nemandec the Veteran                              
              Otha - Master of the Bloodlore                (HP)
              Sargoth the Ancient Wizard                        
              Saxholn the Youthful Veteran                      
              Shezael the Wizard                                
              Tarpan the Stargazer                              
              Torlan - Prince of Pleasure