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                       D U M I I   N E W S L E T T E R
              (See some old news with the command "news old")
Jun 28 There is a new command. See "help relogin" for details.
Jul  5 Kickoffs (those 'mini-death' events that kick you out of the game)
       will work differently from now on. The effects will be the same
       (you will lose non-personal stuff and any effects of spells), but
       you will no longer be disconnected from the game. See "help
       minideath" for more information.
       There is also a colour option for minideaths. See "help colours".
Jul  6 You will now be able to idle for up to five hours before you are
       disconnected from the game. However, you will be marked as idle by
       the game after 10 minutes, and others can see this on the 'who' list. 
       Mortals who idle will not be able to prevent a recreation of the world 
       from happening, and will be summoned to the Centre of the World when
       the recreation occurs. See "help idle" for details.
Jul 10 It is now possible to specify both 'long'/'short' and
       'personal/'nonpersonal' when invoking the 'inventory' command.
       See "help inventory" for details.
Sep 29 The sneaky or shy among you have the option of removing your alignment
       from your title. See "help hidealignment" for details.
Oct  5 There is a new command. See "help mycolours" for details.
       Displaying a colour via 'colour ' now shows the colour code and
       the name of the colour setting as well as what the colour looks like.
Nov  7 It is now possible to get the full room description on every step you
       move, instead of at most once a second. See "help brief" for details.
Mar 31 The Gods no longer like it when their followers sacrifice or
       disintegrate their holy items.
Apr 24 It is now possible to specify a player when listing mails with the
       'mail' and 'sentmail' commands. See "help mail" and "help sentmail"
       for details.
Apr 30 You may now remove your age and/or rank from your title, should you
       so wish. See "help hideage" and "help hiderank" for more details.
May 16 Geofram the leather worker has raised the prices of his wares, but
       has lowered the costs of his services as a leather worker. Other
       shopkeepers have changed their prices as well, raising some and
       dropping others, especially on foods and potions, so it is worth
       checking your favourites before buying them!
May 30 The 'hasbeenon' command can now show you who has been logged in during
       the last 24 hours. See "help hasbeenon" for details.
Jul 03 DUMII has been down due to hardware problems. It is now running on a
       new server.