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The Temples of the Three Gods of DUMII

Religion in the world of DUMII is divided into three main churches, one for each of the three Gods. As an adventurer in the world, you can choose to join one of these churches, or remain Unaligned. The Gods depict and epitomize a particular alignment, so for those that are interested in being involved in the ways of the Gods and Their followers, there is a choice of either Evil, Good, or Neutral.
The God of Evil is AdA, the Creator of DUM. His High Priest is Saga - Master of Darkness. Evils follow the path of darkness and seek to gain power through dominance and control over the world.
The God of Goodness is MiJak, the God of Love and Light. His High Priest is Widmar - Grand Warrior of Goroth. Goods follow the path of light and seek to fill the world with peace and love.
The God of Neutrality is Reset, the God of Balance. His High Priestess is Cianara - Desert Warrior of Shelatia. Neutrals seek to keep a balance in the world, allowing neither Good nor Evil to gain dominance, and thus ensure their own path to power.
A few people choose not to follow a God, but rather to remain Unaligned. These people are less restricted, perhaps, in some of their actions, as they do not need to account for themselves to a Higher Being, but they lack the protection that comes with being in a church. Unaligneds can be those that do not believe in the Gods, or that choose to follow their own path anyway.