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The Active Wizards of DUMII

         Evil God                Neutral God                 Good God         
         =-=-=-=-                =-=-=-=-=-=                 -=-=-=-=         
           AdA                      Reset                     MiJak           
   Ancient Evil Creator       God of all DUMdom          God of Goodness      

   High Priest of Evil       Neutral High Priest       High Priest of Good    
   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~       ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~       ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~    
           Saga                    Cianara                    Widmar          
        Master of               Desert Warrior            Grand Warrior       
         Darkness                of Shelatia                of Goroth         

    Evil Arch-Wizards        Neutral Arch-Wizards       Good Arch-Wizards     

       Evil Wizards            Neutral Wizards             Good Wizards       

                            Unaligned Arch-Wizards

                              Unaligned Wizards

                 (To see all wizards use the command LEGENDS)
       (To find out from whom to get religious guidance, read PRIESTS)