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The World of DUMII

DUMII is an intricate world of many different kinds of places, and various types of people and creatures with which you can interact. It stretches out from its Centre in the Big Forest through to the distant Edges, with various geographical landscapes in between. There are mountains and valleys, rivers and seas, islands and underground caverns, as well as farms and forests, marshes and arid ground, and villages and cities. Its inhabitants can be kindly and helpful, or ferocious and dangerous, with creatures ranging from tame farmyard animals to fearsome ghosts and knights. A part of your goal in this world is to explore these places and meet these creatures, and by means of your wit and skill, gain experience and grow in power by defeating obstacles, and bettering those that would stand in your way.
In order to gain in experience and power, you need to take proof to the Gods that you have explored the world. This is done by taking up objects in the world, and casting them off the edges into the Void. Hidden treasures or objects that are protected by dutiful guards will be worth more in value than a pine cone or stone that you might find in the Big Forest. You will be rewarded for your efforts, and when the Gods are satisfied that you are sufficiently experienced, They will give to you a quest which needs to be completed before you can be rewarded with more experience. Once you have completed your quest, you will gain extra powers, and can thus begin exploring newer areas that would have previously been too dangerous for you to enter.
Equipment that you find in the world will not automatically belong to you. There will be some things that you can buy that can remain yours, but for the most part, you will need to take any weapons or armour that you wish to keep to a smith who will then personalise them for you, for a fee.
Keep in mind that the further away from the Centre that you go, the larger the chance that you will run into dangerous places. Death can happen, and you will suffer a loss in powers if it does, but you can always return with a renewed body, and continue as before.